A Letter to Our Members

Dear Members,

We want to thank you for your memberships this past year we couldn’t keep Rock Maple a valuable tool to our community without your memberships.

The winter and spring months are a busy time for Rock Maple so please make sure to schedule your lane times online.

We also need your help to make sure non-members are not using our facility. We have had several non-members using Rock Maple. The only way these non-members are gaining access is from paid members. To make sure Rock Maple continues to operate and be a valuable tool for area baseball and softball players to utilize we need maintain a strong memberships. It is an insurance liability for us if non-members are using our facility.

We have several teams from around the area that would like to use Rock Maple this winter and spring.

If you are a coach of a baseball team and wish to conduct practices this winter and spring inside Rock Maple please contact us for clarification and non-member practice fees. We have had several complaints from members of teams taking up all three lanes for several hours at a time.

Coaches must be a Rock Maple member, non-member players must pay a fee for these practices.

We recommended teams only schedule one to two lanes at a time for a MAXIMUM of one hour.

(Teams may use all three lanes if the third lane is not scheduled during your practice time)

Please be respectful of other members and make sure balls, tees, mounds, helmets, and all other items are put back in their proper places after each use.

Thank you for your memberships!


Shaynen and Shad Schmidt

Welcome to the Alexandria areas first and only workout facility for baseball and softball players. If you are a serious player or just learning the game, Rock Maple Baseball Academy welcomes you to join.

We are a membership only, self-service facility interested in seeing area athletes hone their skills to become the very best player they can be. Additionally, our goal is to offer this facility at an affordable cost. We hope and trust that our members respect the equipment and their membership privileges.

Rock Maple Baseball & Golf Offers

  • 2800 Square feet of workout space
  • Fully turfed
  • High ceilings
  • Three – 70′ hitting/throwing lanes
  • Completely enclosed netting system
  • In-door pitching mounds
  • L-screens
  • Softball pitching mats
  • Golf driving net
  • Baseballs and Softballs provided
  • Open 7 Days a week with over 90 hours of available access.

All Payments Can Be Sent To:
PO Box 427
Alexandria, MN 56308